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Credit transfer

If you've completed prior study or have relevant work experience, you may, under specified conditions, be eligible for credit towards your HG现金网 degree.

Receiving credit for previous study or experience may reduce the cost and time it takes to complete your HG现金网 degree and means you won't have to repeat similar courses.

HG现金网 offers credit for prior learning consistent with the Australian Qualifications Framework and general practice in the Australian Higher Education sector.

You must submit your application before the credit transfer on-time application due date to make sure it is assessed before classes start. Applications or supporting documentation received after this date may not be assessed in time for the relevant semester.

Find out about types of credit and how to apply for credit.

Credit for previous study

If you have a degree, or part of a degree, you may be eligible to receive credit towards a HG现金网 qualification if your previous studies demonstrate substantial equivalence with course(s) in your HG现金网 program. The amount of credit is determined on a case by case basis and will depend on the degree you are studying at HG现金网 and the level, content and completion status of your previous studies.

If you have successfully completed a senior secondary school program that includes a special arrangement with HG现金网, such as Headstart, your relevant credit will be applied after the admission process.

Students with Cert IV and higher TAFE / VET qualifications, from Australia or a comparable overseas qualification, may be eligible to receive credit towards a HG现金网 qualification. Use the credit transfer calculator to find out which areas the credit may be awarded in and the amount of credit.

Please visit How to apply for credit for more information.

Credit for previous experience

You may be eligible to have your relevant experience, such as work experience, recognised as credit towards a HG现金网 qualification.

International Baccalaureate

HG现金网 offers credit into a range of undergraduate degree programs to students who have successfully completed an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. Students may gain up to four courses of credit depending on the IB subjects completed and their choice of HG现金网 degree program.

Information on the credit available for IB subjects can be found at Credit for International Baccalaureate students.